Online petition for installing barriers on rivers to prevent the flow of trash into the sea


24/01/2024 - 31/03/2024    
12:00 am


Fort De France
Fort De France - City Centre, Fort De France, Martinique , 97200

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The ultimate objective is to mitigate marine pollution by installing barriers on rivers designed to collect and prevent the flow of trash into the sea. To achieve this goal, we aim to gather as many signatures as possible and share the petition with local stakeholders who can assist in the installation of these barriers.

Additionally, the petition serves as a tool to raise public awareness about the detrimental impact of plastic pollution.


At the outset, members of the youth club collectively selected the petition‘s topic, and subsequently, collaboratively drafted its content. Following this, we engaged in a brainstorming session to determine the appropriate recipients for the petition.

Once finalized, we published the petition on To maximize outreach, we disseminated it through various channels, including our social media platforms, the project’s social media accounts, and a dedicated WhatsApp group comprising young individuals associated with our organization, totaling 126 members.