The Aims

The aims of The Greeners project are to give skills and tools to young people enabling them to be active and take initiatives in the specific sector of Green Europe, to foster participation and initiatives from European young people through the creation of Youth Green Clubs, E-Pills on the local challenges linked to environmental protection and green, and exchange and debate with other youth on European and local current challenges and finally to enable youth workers and young people to exchange on and influence youth policies at local and European level through activities of lobbying and the elaboration of recommendations on green policies.

The Objectives

More specifically, the objectives of the project « The Greeners » are: to enable youth workers to educate young people related to green and especially environmental protection and lobbying looking at inspiration and motivation.

To facilitate the pro-active participation and engagement in green environmental protection, and policies design of young people.  To facilitate Peer Education of young people facilitating organizations’ resilience to go digital. Last but not least, it impacts green policies at the Local, National, and European levels.

The Actions

The partners work together to help young people and youth workers develop skills and competencies in the green sector by creating e-pills, organizing events, a 7-day training course in Spain, and developing green initiatives, recommendations, and e-conferences!

Through active participation, young people are empowered to play a vital role in their own development as well as in that of their communities, helping them to learn vital life-skills, develop knowledge on human rights and citizenship, and to promote positive civic action.


The project fits into the objectives of the partners through the development of skills in youth work, the creation of tools, and the development of youth participation. This project also fits into European policies in youth and the promotion of EU Youth Goals: ‘Inclusive Societies’, ‘Information and Constructive Dialogue’, and ‘Sustainable and Green Europe’. In this aspect, the project also reflects the President von der Leyen Commission’s political guidelines for the next four years, in particular, the ‘European Green Deal’ and the need for an immediate response to mitigate the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis by enabling youth networks to consider ways of forging solidarity.