Cooking meetings!

Cooking meetings!

Discover a greener way to connect and cook with our Sustainable Cooking Meetings, Embrace farm-to-table goodness by using local, seasonal ingredients, and to learn about and enjoy plant-based recipes that can reduce our environmental footprint. In Larissa, Greece.

Presentation of The Greeners Club and local initiatives at local Web Radio IC G. Pascoli

13/12/2023 @ All Day - The local school IC G. Pascoli in Tramonti has had a web radio for a few years which gives voice and visibility to local initiatives and involves young pupils to learn more about communication and active citizenship. The Greeners Club has been granted a space to talk about The Greeners Project and the local initiatives [...]

Make zero-waste pocket ashtrays and distribute them to smokers

07/12/2023 @ All Day - The local greeners, together with the international volunteers of ACARBIO, will build some portable hashtray from recycled materials and gift it during the Christmas events at local level, to raise awareness about reducing the pollution caused by cigarette butts

Teaching children about the SDG’s through an Escape Game in Le Carbet

21/11/2023 @ All Day - The Greeners youth have been trained by the youth workers of the association D’Antilles et D’Ailleurs to be able to use a French educational Escape Game called “Mission SDG: the Planet in Alert!” (Mission ODD : La planète en alerte!) that aims to introduce the 17 sustainable development goals. This game was developed by a [...]

Stop to disposable packaging

08/11/2023 @ All Day - The youngsters of The Greeners group are in contact with the association Zéro Déchet (Zero Waste) in order to help them with their campaign called "Stop to disposable packaging”, which consists of approaching retailers to accept and promote the use of reusable containers for takeaway sales.